Our Vision  

To see established, Creative Arts Centres around South Africa, where disadvantaged yet talented children are given the opportunity, through the programme, to develop their individual creative abilities to the full. To create platforms for the Gap students to engage in performance, exhibition and gain vital experience. Our goal is to see children grow into young adults who are successful, confident, happy secure and have developed a beautiful means to express themselves and share their gifting with those around them and with the world.

Our Mission

To successfully guide, aid, teach & grow children with a natural talent for Music, Art, Dance & Drama, to become all that they can be. We believe every child has the right to quality education. Many poverty-stricken , talented children will remain under-developed & unfulfilled without intervention & specific assistance. The Mad Gap Foundation will identify teachers & coaches with similar vision and enable them to train & nurture¬†the children entrusted to them. It is our mission at the Mad Gap to do all that we do with excellence & integrity, and to ensure each child’s creative & developmental success.

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