The MAD GAP Foundation has the power to give hopeless children hope again, & allow them to pursue their dreams with joy & vigour

If you feel you would like to help by volunteering, we would be thrilled.

Teachers :  Our biggest need is for more teachers who share our vision & goals and would be willing to help.

1. Fit a child or two into your teaching schedule as part of your giving back into others lives.

2. On a more structured basis, teachers may be contracted part-time by the MAD GAP to teach and train several children in their area.

3. If you are currently running or involved with an educational facility, offering music, art, dance & drama, get in touch with us, if you would like to offer any of our children the opportunity to become part of your organisation.


Facilities :  If you have access to facilities like classrooms, schools, community centres or churches, and would like to make these available at specific times for MAD GAP students, this would be a huge help.


Donate Instruments :  If you have any Musical instruments and gear, art supplies, easels, play costumes & props,  hiding in a storeroom, we would love to bring them back to life and put them to great use.


Financial Support  :  click here   or  please go to the Support Us page (top right menu)  for more details