Why The MAD GAP Foundation  ?

MAD is simply a punchy acronym for Music,   Art,    Dance & Drama

I became aware of the huge need in poorer communities to find a way to bridge the GAP between children with obvious talent,  and fulfilling their dreams and aspirations. Without outside assistance, the chances of this happening are very slim.

My late father was of Italian descent  and I believe this is where I got my passion for art and music and of course, great Italian food. His full name was Giuseppe, Angelo, Pietro  ..   GAP  Montano. and so to honour him for all the many good things he put into my life, the foundation also carries his name.

Everything we are blessed with in life is a gift from God, and His purpose in blessing us, is for us to be a blessing to others. This principle is one of the core foundations of “The GAP'”

Girls dance studio